Zwift not connecting via Bluetooth to TRUE Performance 800, Landice L7 Treadmills [January 2023] [SOLVED]

Issues appears to affect Woodway treadmills with GEM modules.

Same issue affects Life Fitness T5 treadmills. I’ve raised this with Zwift

Small news flash… Tonight after a indoor bike workout (using Wahoo Kickr) I jumped on the treadmill for a short run. I was hopeful and launched Zwift. Unfortunately, Zwift still did not pair to my TRUE treadmill. However, in addition to my two Kickr’s listed as devices to connect, I noticed my wife’s Wahoo Tickr HR monitor. Hmm… I thought. Zwift did not recognize the Garim HRM Dual HR monitor I was wearing at the time. However, I happen to have a Garmin HRM PRO (which has running cadence, etc.) so after my run was over, I strapped it on… and what do you know… it appeared in the list of Paired Devices. So… I was able to Run on Zwift with the Garmin HRM PRO. There was a little lag at first and I really didn’t run long enough to test or compare the Garmin results to the Zwift distance. Also, I have used the Garmin HRM PRO on the treadmill before, and I know you cannot calibrate Garmin data (I use a Garmin Fenix 7X). What the HRM PRO records is what you get. Anyway, thought I would share this info. Still hoping Zwift figures it out. Good luck in your training and fitness.

PS. I also spoke with TRUE Customer Support. They didn’t have much to add - especially since the Treadmill is pushing out a Bluetooth signal that I can see on my iPhone.

Just adding my experience. Life fitness t3 connect treadmill has connected every week for 4 years and earlier this week nothing. Very frustrating at 6am…had to run without after fiddling for 15min.
Since then I’ve reinstalled everything.
iPhone and treadmill connect easily on life fitness connect app but will not find treadmill.
Hope this is resolved soon….

Cheers everyone.

Thanks for sharing… I get the 6am frustration… same here! So, just to clarify, Zwift does not recognize your treadmill, correct?

Yes correct. ZWIFT app on iPhone does not pick up treadmill anymore.


Thanks for clarifying! Let’s hope this get resolved soon! Thanks!

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I have the same issue and reported to Zwift last Friday. I received an email a few minutes ago that stated the following:

“After reviewing this case again, I went deeper and realized we are currently facing a known issue where treadmills are not pairing, and not appearing in the pairing screen.
I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. We are currently working to get this sorted out. It has been fixed in 1.33.2, which will release soon.”

Hope this helps!

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That sounds promising! You must have the magic touch - you got a response! Thanks for sharing!!

Hey all,

The Bluetooth pairing bug with certain treadmills has been fixed in Zwift game v 1.33.2.

As @Rowdy noted upstream, with your help we found that this impacted macOS and iOS, and the fix is specific to those OS platforms. If you are experiencing the inability to pair on Windows - please join us on this other thread.

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Thank you Zwift - and THANK YOU to all who contributed to this thread!

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A little help please…

When I opened Zwift on my MacBook Pro, Zwift automatically updated to 1.33.2 And it’s working!! Thanks!

However, the same is not happening on my iPad or iPhone. I do not see an update option at the bottom of the iPad screen in App Store. How does Zwift update on the iPad and iPhone.


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My bad… waiting for Apple review.


Using Apple TV. Wouldn’t connect today to anything. Eventually made it work via companion but eventually dropped out so gave up. Please fix for us Apple!

Which game version are you on? 1.33.2?

Zwift v 1.33.2 for tvOS and iOS are still pending review by Apple App Store. We ask for a little more patience until this is resolved for Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone.

Shuji The Great… what is going on with the updated 1.33.2 because after it the direcon wifi connection between Kickr V6 and Zwift
has disappeared from the pairing menu of zwift,a lot of zwifters are having the same problem !!! with only ble as an option Zwift is crashing !!! u must do better in order to keep your clients happy !!! u know the old saying “the client is always right” !!! waiting your reply!!! Shuji The Great !!

iPad and iPhone users: Zwift game v1.33.2 has released in the Apple App Store. It may take a few hours to propagate to Apple servers worldwide.

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Good news! Thank you!