Connexion Bluetooth tapis BH i Boxster plus [March 2024] [1.61]

Depuis quelques jours il m’est impossible de me connecter sur un appareil Apple (Iphone 13 + Tablette) à mon tapis tapis BH i Boxster plus. Une MAJ aurait-elle entraîné un BEUG ? Tout fonctionnait parfaitement auparavant et il s’agit d’un tapis compatible. Pourriez-vous résoudre le soucis SVP ?

I suggest contacting Zwift support, or try pairing it with Zwift using the QZ app ( to see if that resolves the problem.

I have the same problem. After last update Zwift can’t connect to my BH fitness treadmill. I tried multiple devices. Kinomap can connect to my equipment without issues. I tried deleting app and installing it again, no change.

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Hi, do you have any solution? I can’t link with my BH treadmill

Someone could help us with this problem. :pray:

You should contact Zwift support for help. And try using QZ as I mentioned above if you want to run now. @Roberto_Viola can tell you if it’s supported by QZ.

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@Simon_VARLET @Lubo_Dekan_ZLDR @Francisco_Martinez3 @Xes_FerGo

Hello all - Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thank you for reporting this connectivity issue we are investigating. There are some thin descriptions so please confirm that your issues are:

  • After updating to Zwift version 1.61, BH treadmill no longer pairs as a run sensor.
  • Primary Zwift computer is iOS - appears to be iPads for most of you, yes?

Please tell us:

  • Which BH treadmill model do you own?
  • Which version BH firmware is installed on that treadmill? You may also want to reach out to BH for assistance from their end with firmware - they will also want to know.

@Xes_FerGo bh treadmill are compatible with qz and can send metrics to zwift along with auto inclination. let me know if you have any questions

After upgrading to Zwift version 1.61, the BH i.Boxster Plus treadmill no longer pairs as a running sensor.

Zwift’s main computer is iOS - IPad but I have also tried with iPhone and the same thing happens.

Thanks for your support Roberto. I can connect my treadmill with QZ App and Swift. Very fast in your support. Thanks

Hello, in my case it is BH Fitness NYDO. I’m not sure about firmware version and I don’t think I can upgrade. I tried iPad 9 and also iPhone 13, both on latest iOS version.

I think it’s likely that Zwift will fix this eventually, but if you don’t want to wait, I suggest using the QZ option mentioned above since it would probably get you running now.

Hi Roberto, I downloaded QZ fitness from app store but it is not connecting to my BH fitness NYDO. But it is listed in the app together with my apple watch and airpods. Any suggestions what to try?

actually, I am running, write me an email to roberto.viola83 at gmail com

everything is fine for @Lubo_Dekan_ZLDR right!? :slight_smile:

Indeed! Thank you Roberto for your support! QZ fitness is the way to go! Or better said, the way to run :).

@Simon_VARLET @Lubo_Dekan_ZLDR @Francisco_Martinez3 @Xes_FerGo

In the Pairing screen, if you select Ride rather than Run, are you able to see your treadmill as a speed/cadence sensor? This is when you don’t use QZ.

Would you let us know so our engineers can troubleshoot?

Yes, if I choose ride, it is detecting my treadmill.


I do also have a BH Fitness NYDO that no longer can connect to Zwift. My daughter has still not updated the zwift app to latest release, she can still connect without any issues. One strange thing is that Zwift in Ride mode can see see the treadmill, but when searching for treadmill in Run mode is it not visible.

I hope this info can help to solve this problem.

Best regards, Anders