Trouble Paring True PS800 Treadmill

I recently purchased a True Fitness Performance 800 treadmill. One feature that I was excited for, was the Bluetooth connectivity, specifically for running with Zwift.

My experience has been less than stellar.

When I am able to pair Zwift with my treadmill, it takes 15-20 minutes of constantly fiddling with my iPad before the treadmill is displayed in the devices list. Is this normal? The YouTube video from Zwift about pairing with a Bluetooth treadmill even uses my exact model of treadmill, and makes it appear seemless.

Can others easily pair with their treadmill, specifically the True PS800? I’m not sure if my problem is with Zwift, or with the treadmill and I’m unsure how to narrow it down.

Any help that you can provide is appreciated!

I am running Zwift on an iPad Pro, iOS version 13.7, and Zwift version 1.0.55600.

I had a True Performance 800 last year and used with iPad Pro. Never had a connection issue.

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