Zwift Running using F63 Treadmill

I just bought an F63 treadmill and I have paired it successfully with Zwift. However when I start running my avatar does not move? Do I need anything else to connect? Should I use the dongle for biking as well?

What are you running the app on? On iOS (iPad), I see my F63 paired for run speed via bluetooth on the initial screen before selecting the location/route. When I start/change speeds that’s automatically reflected in zwift. I don’t start the treadmill until after I see my avatar standing ready to go. Though once I start or change speeds, zwift registers that speed immediate even though the treadmill takes some time to get up/down to the actual speed. It doesn’t need anything else other than the treadmill paired though you can add heart rate from a strap or watch and cadence through a foot pod if you want. Hope that helps clarify that it should be possible to work without anything else beyond the F63.

If your treadmill uses Bluetooth smart make sure it’s not connected to your phone or any other device other than the one with zwift on. I had a similar issue with my power meter for biking and disabling Bluetooth on my phone fixed it as it was still connected to the 4iiii app

Thank you for the help and I was able to resolve the problem. I am now using my laptop (Windows) for biking and using my IPad for running. Works great. Thanks again!