Sole F85 Smart Treadmill - avatar not moving

Hello, I recently purchased the Sole F85 Smart Treadmill as it is listed as a compatible unit with Zwift. It runs BLE 4.0. It pairs successfully but the avatar does not move. Do I need something else? like a footpod etc? Thanks

Hi @Claudio_Mazzarella welcome to Zwift forums!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Looking like you’re an experienced Zwift cyclist, so the pairing process will work exactly the same way on the Run side the game app.

It looks like you’re using an iPad with the treadmill? It appears that the Bluetooth signal is paired successfully to the Zwift app. Perhaps something is interfering with that. Please look at these possibilities

  1. If you have two devices logged in to the same account at the same time, this will cause this symptom. Please ensure that you’ve logged out of all devices before you start your run.

  2. In one instance on your Windows 10 computer, your F85 is paired as a Controllable, Runspeed and a HR sensor, and that’s not right. When you’ve logging in, please ensure that you’re selecting Run as your activity, which only presents two sensor options.

2b) To clear the F85 from being remembered as a Controllable device on your Win10 machine, search in your Documents\Zwift folder for a file called called knowndevices.xml. This is a list of sensors that you’ve previously paired to on that machine. Rename it knowndevices_original.xml. Next time you log in, you’ll pair from scratch, and a new knowndevices.xml will be created after you exit the session.

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