Pair Sole F63 - Help,I’m stuck

I just got a (second hand but practically new) Sole F63 treadmill and am trying to pair it with Zwift. Zwift doesn’t find it. I have the Sole app on my phone and that paired first try, so the Bluetooth must be working.

I have found posts on this forum saying it does pair with F63, but nothing saying how to do it. Can anyone help me to work out what I am doing wrong? I have searched everywhere I can think of for the answer but not found it yet.

I’m no expert on your platform but a common pairing problem is that your trainer is still paired with the trainer app on your phone. You’ll need to force close that app and then retry Zwift. Bluetooth devices can only pair with one app or device.

Thank you I’ll try again and see if that is the problem.

Hi ! I got the same issue with my iPad, do you solve it ? Thanks !

just got a new sole f63. I am paired to many different devices as I am coming from bicycling and I move through several households of equipment. My device was enabled bluetooth and my f63 was on for a good half hour and i was messing with various menus none of which bluetooth related. I opened zwift on my ipad and it immediately recognized f63 as a device option. If you are having issues with your specific device I would say you might have forgotten to enable your bluetooth or accidentally denied zwift bluetooth access. Id try deleting zwift and redownloading it and make sure your bluetooth is enabled. If you are good with menus you could go to your zwift app in your device settings and make sure it has bluetooth access and the device bluetooth is enabled.

Furthermore thinking about putting my Sole F63 together it did have an instruction about holding 3 buttons simultaneously to exit a default store display mode. It may be worth your time trying to learn about that. My F63 didn’t appear to be in that default display mode despite it being new. I didn’t really learn the step as a result.