Sole F63 with Samsung A7 tablet?

Hi all,

I have a Sole F63 2020 version treadmill that I can connect to and use zwift perfectly on my Samsung A51 android Phone.

The screen is a bit small so I purchased a Samsung A 7 10.4" tablet 2021 version and I cannot seem to get zwift to pick up the sole f63 treadmill on this device.

So far I have used the same procedure as my phone and have had no luck getting zwift running on the A7 tablet.

I turn on the treadmill and zwift, I go to the Samsung Bluetooth menu and link the sole f63 with the tablet.
The Bluetooth app icon appears on the display but Zwift keeps searching for the device and does not find it.

I have tried multiple ways of launching zwift first or the Sole f63 first.
I have my phone disconnected from linking to the sole Bluetooth so its not interrupting.
I’ve kept the phone in airplane mode.
I have tried running the treadmil to wake up the treadmill and no dice so far.

I feel I have tried every combination possible over the last few days and have come to the conclusion that my Samsung A51 phone is older and maybe the Samsung A7 tablet is not supported yet? My hunch is that it is a software issue.

Can anyone confirm if this is the case?
Any other suggestions are welcome.

Cheers, John.

On further reading this seems to be a recent issue that occurred to alot of treadmills after the Zwift update in Aug 2021.

Zwift have noted it and are trying to fix it.

Typical of my timing as I bought the treadmill a few weeks back and bought the tablet 2 days after the update that appears to cause the tablet not to be able to detect the Sole 63.

I was going to return the tablet thinking it was maybe faulty but I will now wait for a patch.

They just updated the app, and it is working now. I have the same treadmill and the same tablet! :slight_smile:

Great stuff! :+1:
It’s too late to test it now where I am so ill give it a try in the morning.


Haven’t been able to get this working yet.

I’ve uninstall and reinstalled but to no avail?

The Samsung Tab A7 still won’t find the treadmill?
I’ve tried all combinations and it is still not working.

Did you have to do anything to download the patch?

I’m at a loss as to why it won’t connect.
It still works on my phone but won’t on my new tablet.

What version do you have installed on your tablet?

I have a Tab A7 which is pairing with my device.

1.16 (78789)

It won’t find the tablet as a bike power meter either like before.
I am getting the Bluetooth app icon on the treadmill.
I also can connect trough Bluetooth menu in tablet settings.

Zwift just doesn’t seem to pick it up when searching?

I’ve put all other devices on airplane mode and have tried to reduce any possible interference.

This am Zwift recognised the new update was needed so now I’m on 1.16.1 and all is well with the world again.

Working perfectly with Sole 63 and Samsung A 7 Tab 10.4.

Anyone recommend a BT HR monitor.
The tab 7 doesn’t have ANT+ and my old garmin one has had 3 years service 6 days a week and stinks of body odour!:rofl:

The sole 63 treadmill comes with a HR monitor but its not very accurate seems to read low by 10 bpm pr so constantly when compared with the Garmin.

Thanks in advance.

Glad it’s all sorted.

In terms of a BT HR some of the Coospo or Scosche ones are good value. I use an unbranded Chinese one and it’s every bit as accurate as my Garmin.

Garmin do a BT HR but there’s been an issue with these for some time.