Drops counter stalling and frozen pedestrians [Jan 2023] [1.33]

1 in 12 I know personally has been affected. :person_shrugging: Neither of us can make claims about the statistics, all we have is anecdote.

Drops are moving again for me - seemed to be going slower than usual? I may have been imagining it though as I was watching it and never really pay much attention to it normally.

Do you think this might be because, while the bug was in effect, the only drops you were getting were during the “accelerated” drop period (e.g., after getting a Ride On)? So, you were only seeing the counter go up when it was doing so quickly, while during its regular state it was sitting still due to the bug.

Hope this makes sense.

I didn’t get any at all when it was broken - not during high efforts or ride ons or anything.

i do have a silly amount of drops though (over 58,000,000) so maybe i am an odd case.

But it is likely working as expected, i didn’t really pay much attention to how quickly it increased before

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Maybe it’s just inflation.

wouldn’t that make them go quicker?

If the value of Drops is decreasing, yes. But if the value of Drops is increasing on a per Drop basis, but Zwift wants us to still only earn the same value, then we’d earn Drops more slowly.

I didn’t pass my Droproeconomics course though.

Any guess when it will be approved for apple tv

I did Country to Coastal in Makuri Islands with Maria pace partner. Drops working good. At 2x multiplier and then at a sprint section, after reaching the sprint finish, the multiplier is reset to 1x and i had to start over again.

Only me?

Apple TV and iPad / iPhone users - v1.33.2 has released in the Apple App Store. It may take a few hours to propagate to Apple servers worldwide.

We will provide another update when Drops have been retroactively credited to impacted Zwifters.


Thank you for update. All of us take technology for granted these days. We forget it is complicated

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UPDATE February 9

Drops have been retroactively credited to impacted Zwifters. See this related thread.


Thank you for keeping us informed. I appreciated it. All’s well that ends well.


Hi. I just recently udpated my firmware a couple of days ago and my drops are not updating. Reading the tread I just unloaded and downloaded the app to no avail.


Hi @Sean_Cardwell

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Looking at your rides from yesterday it look like your drops are counting.


Hi Mike.

Not to double dip but I posted in the old thread and figured it couldn’t hurt to send one here.
I just recently updated my firmware a couple of days ago and my drops are not updating. Reading the thread I just unloaded and downloaded the app to no avail. Any help is appreciated.


Hi @Sean_Cardwell

See response above.

Hi, i ran the update this morning but the drops total was the same as the end of my ride on Monday 13th at 8,542, 943. I rode the Casse Pattes this morning and the drop accumulator is running ok now. Will my missing points follow soon ?



It look like your drops counter is working.


Were you logged into multiple devices?

Hi, the counter started working again after the update his morning having been intermittent for a fair few rides. I thought perhaps there may be missing drops somewhere along the line due to the counter stalling but as long as it works here on that will be fine.

Thnaks for your help


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