Trainer Resistance | Trainer Difficulty too low, Simulation and ERG mode do not adjust resistance [January 2023]

Guess we’re not getting that bug patch today after all. :roll_eyes:

You can add me to that long list, had 2 nights ruined because of this…
Hope I’ll get the patch for tomorrow’s session.

Still a good part of “today” left if you’re operating in Pacific Standard Time.

And it’s out

Please update at your earliest convenience to Zwift game app v 1.33.1 if you are using Windows / macOS / Android.


Did you resolve the bug? Power still seems off by a pretty significant amount in zwift vs. wahoo app

Working here!
kickrbike v1 ANT+

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Updated to 1.33.1
Windows 10
Kicker Snap original over Ant+
Still do not have FE-C protocol available for Controllable.

Fixed IT perfectly for Me. Kickr 2017,
over ANT+, Windows 11

Updated to 1.33.1. Apple iMac and a Wattbike. When I connected via ANT+ (because Zwift was telling me Bluetooth wasn’t available) it didn’t seem to have solved the problem (I was doing a workout so using ERG mode). However, I then switched the preferences to connect via BLE rather than Companion App and the problem is fixed. Thank you. Now, the missing Drops……

Erg mode fixed for me.

One thing I noticed was that use erg mode wasn’t selected as default when selecting a workout.

May have been because I was toggling it on and off last time trying to get it to work but worth looking out for when you start a workout

Mac+tacx neo. Version 1.33.1 did not fix the problem. ERG doesn’t work with BT, doesn’t work with ant+, doesn’t work with companion.

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I launched Zwift just to get this new update out of the way… but didn’t get any update dialog, ok request, etc on my windows machine. But somehow I’m on 1.33.1 now. That’s a bit odd isn’t it?

Win 10, Lenovo W520 laptop, Neo 1, Garmin Ant+ dongle, no companion.
Haven’t experienced any of the recent problems. Did TdZ stage 6 Three Sisters Yesterday, all fine, well except getting a ludicrous about of drops freewheeling downhill :rofl:
Does seem to be very specific to certain setups.

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1.33.1 has fixed ERG mode for me.
Kickr18 via Bluetooth to Win10 Laptop

Still not fixed for friend of mine.
Tacx genius smart over ANT+ with windows 10.

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The update seems to have solved the ERG and power number issues so that’s good news. Drops still seem to be sporadically added at best.
Direto with Windows 10 laptop over ANT+.

It looks like the update has solved my issue win11/direto XR/ANT+

You suck zwift.
Had to sit through a ridiculous long update this morning and erg is still broken.

Long updates are probably equipment related (assuming network is OK). Mine took 20 seconds.