Erg mode not working in workout mode

I also sent a support email to Zwift - they have replied saying that the Beginner FTP Builder workout has problems as reported and experienced in this thread, but they seem to think that other programs work OK…

I have done a short ramp test that didn’t work properly, but all my other workouts were in this program. If others are finding this problem on other programs, worth sending support emails?

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I am having similar issues but with an Elite Duro and i have tried it with three different Apple products and Bluetooth to no avail. One question is the “spiral of death” that i have read about. If I am peddling at 85RPM and the target wattage is 220W but I am doing 130W should it no crank the resistance up to achieve the 220W target? So far I have never had the “spiral of death”. (I guess some my say I am lucky!)

If the target is 220w then the trainer will increase the resistance you should not be able to do 130w. It seem like ERG is not working.

Same issue here. Have tried different things but problem didnt go away… Contacted Zwift support but all the tips given by them didnt make any difference… quite frustrating