Erg mode not working in workout mode

I also sent a support email to Zwift - they have replied saying that the Beginner FTP Builder workout has problems as reported and experienced in this thread, but they seem to think that other programs work OK…

I have done a short ramp test that didn’t work properly, but all my other workouts were in this program. If others are finding this problem on other programs, worth sending support emails?

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I am having similar issues but with an Elite Duro and i have tried it with three different Apple products and Bluetooth to no avail. One question is the “spiral of death” that i have read about. If I am peddling at 85RPM and the target wattage is 220W but I am doing 130W should it no crank the resistance up to achieve the 220W target? So far I have never had the “spiral of death”. (I guess some my say I am lucky!)

If the target is 220w then the trainer will increase the resistance you should not be able to do 130w. It seem like ERG is not working.

Same issue here. Have tried different things but problem didnt go away… Contacted Zwift support but all the tips given by them didnt make any difference… quite frustrating

today cannot get erg to work on FTP builder workouts . Erg is on . Kickr 18 and PC
reloaded zwift no difference .
Works on my wife’s Kickr 2 and PC . Free riding is fine .
Also over last week have lost the in game map and workout screen on my Samsung 20 phone. Deleted and reloaded companion App not helped .
Been on Zwift years and not had problems before . I am a techno ninny !
Thanks for your help

My Suito using ANT+ to my surface pro has a tendancy for the ERG mode to not work, the only way of telling straight away, is to look at the workout page on the companion app and see if the ERG mode button is there, if it’s not, i have to restart the laptop and try again, i’ve had to do this up to 5-6 times to get it to work properly.

Same issue with a wahoo kickr and iPad Pro, had to quit the workout because I couldn’t possibly spin fast enough to hit 185W with zero resistance on the pedals. Stood on the pedals to try to move them when the workout was asking for 85W, couldn’t move the pedals so I unplugged the trainer and plugged it in again, then I had a cadence of 35 for 85W. At another point I stopped pedaling and the wattage wouldn’t come down.

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My wife have same problem trying to complete FTP Build Program.
When watts went from high to low or vica-versa the trainer seemed unaffected as if it had dropped out creating no resistance. At times (sometimes between 40-70 seconds) the power would ramp back up again to what ever was displayed at the time.
We changed from her IPAD to her WIndows Laptob thinking it may have been a bluetooth issue but same problems. We have also updated all the latest firmware on the Kickr and Zwift App.
I have had no issue sin SIM mode and neither has she, only seems to be an issues in the ERG mode.

Ive stopped doing ERG workouts as they are all over the place with Apple Tv.

Wattbike Atom - If I use the Wattbike hub the numbers & resistance are as expected.
Switch to my PC, ERG mode will work again fine with the Atom…

So that rules out Atom or device…

Use Apple TV and ERG is all over the place - As per above asked to hold 200 actually holding 120, random changes of resistance - The Atom is only connected to the Apple TV at this point…

Been like this for a few months now…

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@shooj Is this being actively looked at?

Wahoo kickr + apple tv

Erg all over the place

Had 2 phones one work one with companion app connected via BT and a fan.

Unplugged and switched off everything BLE connection via kickr only it was OK for a bit then went bananas. Restarted then it asked me to add a new workout so said OK and it went back into the same workout.

Sweaty mess and slightly cheesed

Hi all thought I’d share a potential solution I found if you have erg issues with apple Tv.

Apple TV only has 3 Bluetooth connections one of which is used by the remote. Therefore 2 remain to be connected.

If you want to connect more do this via the companion app e.g.

BT 1: AppleTv remote
BT 2: Power
BT3: Cadence

Companion BT : Heart Rate monitor

Youtube video : Gear Mashers

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I haven’t tried this, been struggling with ERG on ATV for over a year now

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This is happening to me as well. It’s basically impossible to hit the wattage target during workouts because a normal human’s legs can’t spin that fast. Wahoo Kickr which is less than a month old, latest firmware, recently did a spin down, etc. If I shift into a higher gear I’ll feel the extra resistance for a moment but soon enough it drops the resistance down again so I’m spinning out.

I’ve tried everything I can imagine to fix this. Just spin at a consistent cadence and let Zwift figure out where to set the resistance (which it never does), increase gearing, pedal like a madman, firmware update, spindowns, reboots, etc. It just seems broken.

I’m on an iPad pro with nothing but a HRM and the Kickr connected, both via bluetooth. Free rides seem ok but actual training plans, which were my primary reason for signing up for Zwift are currently hopelessly broken for me and it’s quite frustrating.


@shooj / @xflintx Has this made it onto the bugs list? Is it being looked at?

Its been about for a good while and genuinely frustrating. I can work around it with other devices that are non ATV but its a pain in the ■■■■ and should be fixed.

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We have this being tracked if I’m not mistaken. In addition to posting on the forum, emails to our support staff help us greatly. We always want to know:

  • When you started noticing it happen
  • What device(s) of yours this happens on
  • Your best summary of the behavior, or detail that isn’t covered in the forum thread
  • Links to the relevant thread(s)
  • Screenshots, video, etc.

For this issue specifically, if it’s happening on Wahoo devices, one solution may be to revert the firmware back a version or two.

Could you advise us how to revert back a version or two please?

Hi @Luke_B3, welcome to the forums. Unfortunately you can’t revert to old versions of Zwift. The updates are forced on all OS platforms.

For wahoo trainers, you can revert to older firmwares by using their utility app and clicking on the image of your trainer 10 times.

Experienced this issue just now in the first block of Sevens workout. 2nd block was fine. iPad. Version 1.16.0

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I’m having the same issue. Just switched to apple TV 4K.Wahoo KICKR CORE. Android companion app. All up to date. Workout power jumping all over. Asking for 150w @85 rpm and I’m having to do circa 300w to hit 85rpm!
Going to try rolling the KICKR firmware back a couple of versions.
Switched to apple tv as I heard it was more reliable. Sick of this sh*t. Honestly, we would be better off with cabled connections. There seem to be never ending problems with wireless stuff.