Can't login to ipad zwift When laptop login is fine. Help?


(T Rina Jane) #1

Can’t login to zwift app on my ipad.
Keeps telling me password or email incorrect.
It works fine on my laptop where I can login.

Today I also changed my email and password but they work fine on my Mac laptop and I can log into both zwift account and zwift app on Mac laptop.

Please help as I want to take ipad to the gym to use run facility.

Ps font size for login on app also looks huge! Not sure it latter is a bug or not too.


(Vincent W.) #2

Hey T Rina, we are aware that this is an issue and our internal teams have been on the case. Just to make sure, you’re not using tap to switch between username and password right? That creates an extra space in your password box which would render your password invalid.

Edit: @T_rina-Jane can you send in a support conversation detailing your login trouble and let us know when as well? This will help us with our investigation. Thank you!

Inability to log in on iPad app after email and password reset
(T Rina Jane) #3

Hi thanks for response.

Can you confirm what you mean by ‘tap to switxh’? I assume you mean using tab key rather than highlight to enter? If so then no I am not using tap to switch.

I’ll send details now to link you requested.

T Rina