Can't login to ipad zwift When laptop login is fine. Help?

Tried that Paul. Still not working. Wonder if it is a network issue?

Could be on your end Zwift is reporting no issues:

Try restarting your modem, router and Zwift device.

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I have the same issue. First time user and I can’t login to the app with the password I just created and used flawlessly on the website. I’ve tried everything suggested in this thread, short of restarting my modem and router which, honestly, if that’s the solution, then I’m done with Zwift before I even start. There are other apps out there.


How do I make the app ask for username/password? I would try the items here, but my app goes straight in, never asking me to input a name or password. Then just say Whoa…

Oops, I’m sorry. You have to do that really intuitive thing called Change User…since, of course, I’m not actually changing user…