Zwift-App on iPad - no login possible?!

The Zwift-App logged me out somewhen in the last hours, and now I can‘t log in again. It tells me the password was wrong. But it isn‘t. I even changed it on the website to exclude that. Resetting password out of the app doesn‘t work either.

Anyone else having problems?

(iPad Pro 4th gen, iOS 15.3.1, Zwift 1.21.2)

Have you tried force closing the app / restarting the iPad?


Yes, I did.

This happens OCCASIONALLY to me. I think it comes down to a quirk of the UI where the userID and/or password LOOK like they’ve been entered correctly but they aren’t.

What usually fixes it:

DELETE your user profile from the app, add yourself as a new user…but do not type in your data. Instead, PASTE your UserID and password in from somewhere else (notepad, whatever).

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Thanks for you input.

Just waited some hours … now it‘s working again.