Login does not work over the app (IPAD), but over browser it works

Hi all

Strange things…:

  1. Login over zwift[dot]com works
  2. Login over app on IPAD does not work (also after a reboot of the IPAD)
    2a. Uninstalled/Installed zwift app → cannot login

Opened already two tickets, no response yet. Strange is, that I have not changed the username nor the password. The internet connection is OK.

Is there anybody who faced the same issues? if yes, how have you resolved the problem?

I actually do not wanted to renew my password as I have not changed anything. But, I did. As said, the browser is happy with my credentials - but the app not. Even Zwift Companion is happy. Something is strange with the zwift app… . As I cannot see any logs what the real problem is, I need to ask here…

Many thanks for advice.