Unable to log in on iPad since update

Using an Apple ipad I am able to use zwift app but my husband cannot open Zwift. Comes up with whoa, There was an error logging in with that account information. Did you change your Password? He hasn’t changed anything. I am using the most up to date IOS app and I can get onto zwift. He was able to use it before the update took place. ANy ideas? I think I have seen this issue previously some time ago after an update

Hi @Vanessa_Goodspeed

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Sometimes Apple devices lose the log in information and this can happen. When logging in, have your husband click on “Change User” then “Add Existing User”, then he needs to manually enter in his username (email) and password, do not let the iPad auto populate that in. Then click Let’s Go and see if that works. If that doesn’t, have him click on “Forgot Password” and go that route.

If all that fails, have him reach out to our support team and we can continue troubleshooting from there.

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Thank you, that worked. Vanessa

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