iPad app "change user > add existing user" not working


The iPad Zwift App makes it look like I can add another user by going to “change user > add existing user” but when I try to do this, it does not let me log in and gives me the error “oops wrong email/password. Let’s try this again.”

I’m very sure I’m using the correct email/password because the combo works to login to the website and it works to login to the iPad app through the main login page.

I’m on an iPad Pro 11-inch with iPadOS 13.3.1 and the latest version of the Zwift app as of 4/3/20. I’ve tried changing my password to be shorter/longer and including/not including numbers and symbols but nothing has helped. We’ve been able to replicate this consistently.

Two questions:

  1. can this be fixed?
  2. in lieu of adding two users to the app, is there a way to log out of the zwift iPad app so another user can log in? (At the moment we are uninstalling and reinstalling the app every time we want to change users).