Login Failure with IPad

Dear Zwifters,

apparently I do have the following problem:

I am able to log in to my account @Zwift and Zwift Companion App with my IPhone.
I can also log in to the Zwift Companion App with my IPad Pro 18‘.
However, It is not possible for me to log in to the standard Zwift App on my IPad.
It says the E-Mail and PW is wrong. Since I can log in to all the other apps and Zwift works fine with my Iphone, this seems kinda off.

Since i would like to Race with my Ipad and its bigger Screen, this is a pure pain.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Click on Change User>Add Existing User and re-enter your credentials and see if that works.

Apparently, I dont have any option to change User.
Ive never been logged in to my Account on my Ipad Pro at the Zwift App with the orange symbol.
Ive just logged out of my Zwift Companion App on my Ipad Pro. There hasnet been any problem to get back into my account. Its just the Zwift App (orange) and just on my Ipad Pro that has this problem. I even wanted to create a new account through the app and it said „Email already in use“…

No idea how to solve this…

Have you tried uninstalling the Zwift App, restart the device and re-download and re-install the app.

Have just done that. Didnt change a thing…
Maybe some additional info: the zwift companion app is in my language (german).
The Zwift App (orange logo) ist just in english - maybe thats the issue?
I mean, there isnt another App that I could download from the app store…

Hi Alexander, do you have the option to set the Language to german like marked in my screenshot?

It sounds that you don‘t have it to set it to German like your companion app