Bug: Zwift no longer remembers login (ipad Pro)

Since the latest update, Zwift no longer “remembers” my login, meaning I have to login every single time. It doesn’t only “forget” the password, it doesn’t even store/remember the username/email address either.

This is on ipad Pro.

Given that I have to “force-quit” the app every time to work around various bugs, this means a login before every. single. ride.

Please god fix this!

Uninstall the app and reinstall it; this is usually enough of a kick to fix that issue.

(source: am running iPad Pro 2020 - no issue here)

I will give that a go but I’d say that if customers are having to uninstall and reinstall an app just to keep it working that is very much a bug that needs remediating :wink:

So far this hasn’t been an issue for me (on iPad Pro), and I always hard close the app after use. Will keep an eye out though.

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Datapoint: I use an iPad, AppleTV4k, and a gaming laptop to Zwift.

They’re usually rock solid but occasionally, maybe once every 12-18 months, some file gets corrupted and requires an uninstall/clean-install.

On a PC or Mac you can just delete a folder and Zwift will recreate it, the equivalent of "Clear Cache/Clear App Data on Android. On iOS/iPadOS/TVOS, there’s no such option so it’s a full delete.

Not so much a Zwift issue as just bad luck.

Ah, yeah, forgot about that. Hard close should be considered mandatory after every session. I suspect a lot of reported issues on the forum stem from people leaving the app running all the time.

I’m about to go and try the reinstall but I do have to take issue with the above - force-quitting an app after every single use should not be something we just have to accept. Its not the case for literally any other app that I use on either my iphone or ipad. I strongly object to this becoming “normalised” as just something that we have to put up with.

Apple’s own support site says should only do this when an app is unresponsive (Close an app on your iPhone or iPod touch - Apple Support) and it actually causes other issues if you do it after every use - go Google it, there’s apple devs saying quitting after every use is A Bad Thing. We should absolutely not accept and normalise this and make excuses/apologies for Zwift in this regard.

Rant over, but I will update shortly on if the reinstall “fixes” this issue…

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Thanks for the tip, @Otto_Destruct - I can confirm that a full reinstall has got the login “remembering” again, so has fixed this issue for me.

Its a pain to lose all my settings etc but at least I can login easily again now, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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Issue resolved thanks @Otto_Destruct