iPad login not remembering password

(Paul Jablanczy) #1

Every time I open the zwift app, I click on my name and it gives me an error message saying, "woah! There was an error logging in with that info, did you change your password. "

I didn’t change my password and It works if I renter my name and password, but it’s annoying to do this everytime.  It has been like this for about a week.

(Romain Gallais) #2

Hi Paul,

I have created a support ticket for this incident. We will follow up with you.

Ride On.

(Paul Jablanczy) #3

I tried the suggested.

I uninstalled the app, I restarted the iPad, I selected “add existing user” filled out my info and it still didn’t remember my password.

Then I tried “create new user” and entered my info. It said “user already exists” but it works now. That seemed to reset it.

Thanks for your help, I appreciate the quick responses.

(Robin Barsantee) #4

Hey Romain!  I am having the exact same issue?  Please help!!

(Romain Gallais) #5

Hi Robin,

I’ll get in touch via Support.

(Robin Barsantee) #6

Thank you! I really don’t want to risk uninstalling and reinstalling and creating a new user in hopes that is saves my months of hard work! HA!  I did that on a different app and lost everything.

Its not the end of the world!  Thanks again!

(Romain Gallais) #7

Hi Robin,

You don’t need to create a new user for sure! All your riding data and progress is safely stored on our servers. Uninstalling and reinstalling is at no risk of losing progress. All of your earned levels, bikes, jerseys, and more will remain!

(Bradley Dean) #8

I’m also having this problem and I’ve tried the same things as the users above - logged out, logged back in - uninstalled and reinstalled the app, rebooted the iPad, etc.

Every time I start the app though I get the same message “There was an error logging in with that account information. Did you change your password?”

(Jason K) #9

This issue should have been resolved as of 06/21/2017 via a background server update. To avoid similar issues, make sure that you’re force closing the app between sessions and have a strong, steady Internet connection.

If you find that the issue is still occurring, submit a support ticket, and we’ll look into your situation further. Thanks!

(Craig McMahon #) #10

I have had this same issue for a year and it drives me crazy.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no success.  I figured since it is a pretty well known glitch that it would get fixed sooner or later but still seems to continue.  Is there anything that can be done?

(David Neubauer) #11

This happens for both the Zwift main windows app and the IOS app. It always happens at the same time. Zwift Companion is the only app on my phone with this problem, it’s also the only installed app on my windows laptop with this problem.

Zwift has tougher security than my bank does, Zwift is not a bank, please stop asking me for my password or I will stop paying you…