Login Trouble - iPad Pro 12.1

(Ray Brown) #1

I’m having trouble logging into the Zwift app on my iPad Pro… it gives an error message of “Opps. Wrong email/password. Lets try this again”

I can log into my account on the web, iPhone and even AppleTV just fine so I have access to my account. I’ve read the forums, cleared the iOS cache, uninstalled the app on my iPad and insured keychain doesn’t have the account info and restarted my iPad… nothing works.

I don’t have this issue using the companion app on the same iPad Pro 12.1… not sure if that’s helpful. I’m able to login just fine.

Also, I attempted to setup a ‘New User’ account on the iPad Pro using a different email account I have and got an error message that stated the ‘email account was not valid’ -perhaps there’s something wrong with the apps ability to read the email account info?

Let me know if this gets resolved… would love to use it on my iPad Pro, thanks.

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Ray, we’re investigating this issue on our side. I’ll update you as soon as possible!

(Ray Brown) #3

Hey Vincent, thanks again for the quick reply and release of the update for iPad 1.0.31648… looks like I’m back in! Much obliged.

(Inigo Montoya) #4

I’ve got the same issue on the new iPad Pro. How did you solve it? Additionally when you hit the forgotten password button it does not send out the emails