Problem with login to Zwift via German Telekom

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One year later, problem is back. Issues with login in Zwift yesterday and today. Started at around 5pm GMT+1 and resolved at around 7pm. Please fix it… thanks


I can confirm this issue, I am a Telekom customer too. I cannot login neither with ATV App nor with the MacOS application. For me the problem persists since today 17:00pm german time.

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Same here. HELP!!


Answer from Zwift:
„ Thank you for contacting Zwift Support.

Germany is currently in the middle of a major internet outage.

This is why you are having trouble connecting to the Zwift Servers.

You can find more information here: https://allestö

If there’s anything else we can help with, please let us know.“

So it is the fault of the Telekom?!
But Trainerroad is working without problems!

Same here. HELP!!

No major internet issues. Problem is only connection to Zwift login servers


+1 for that. No major issues with the internet. Only login to Zwift is not possible. Login via VPN works.
Bandwidth is totally fine. Typing this while streaming 4K content


Are any of our German members seeing this issue who are NOT on Telekom? If so, which ISP are you using?

Same problem, no chance of a successful log-in neither yesterday nor today, I‘m a German Telekom customer as well. Log-ins to other platforms are ok

I can’t believe that’s the problem. Zwift run fine on tuesday and even today’s morning. But did not work yesterday and now…

The problem can be narrowed down to Telekom and 1&1 (reseller of Telekom). Vodafone customers tell us at the same time they have no issue.
Also login via Telekom cellular infrastructure shows no problem.

Some additional information: If I use the WLAN hotspot of my smartphone (I got a mobile phone contract of the german Telekom too) to access Zwift everything works fine. My fixed-line internet router does not use the official Telekom DNS server, that why I can rule out a Telekom DNS issue.

Germany is currently in the middle of a major internet outage

My internet connection works without any issues at the moment, but I cannot login Zwift, that’s the only issue. Maybe the ISP routing of mobile and fixed-line traffic is different.

If I try to connect (one of the Zwift IPs) via webbrowser I get:


The request could not be satisfied.

Bad request. We can’t connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.
If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation.

Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront) Request ID: 9YkxhG3wof2c-[…]

Do not get me wrong, but I hope it’s not a deliberate blocking of traffic from germany, because of the high volume traffic these days.

i also can confirm this issue, I am a Telekom customer too. I cannot login neither with ATV App or the PC. For me the problem persists yesterday and today from about 17:00pm german time.
If I use the WLAN hotspot of my smartphone (I got a mobile phone contract of the german Telekom too) to access Zwift, everything works fine.

Normal Internet using on Apple TV an PC works fine. Only to connect to zwift has a problem.

same. login via Telekom WiFi not possible on Apple TV, iPad, iPhone. Works fine with Vodafone mobile hotspot.

How about the potential influence of the recent Apple OS updates? Not sure if ATV got one but at least iOS/iPadOS…

I cannot login either. Not with my WiFi (Telekom) but neither via my Phone (Telefonica O2)

here the same, telekom directly doesn’t work, telekom with VPN works fine, Smartphone with Vodafone Mobile works fine

I have seen some issues at the exact same times as our Zwift login problems from the Twitch platform. Just checked it out and yep, exactly same behavior. When I use Telekom DSL to login to Twitch I get timeouts, when I use cellular, responses are immediately there.

I have seen that you use Redhat SSO (Keycloak). Not sure what Twitch uses, but this could narrow it down it they also do SSO via RH SSO.

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Its been 3 weeks since the last iOS game patch. It would have shown up a lot sooner if that were the cause

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Interesting. I’ve flagged this up for investigation.


Exactly the same issue here. I thought I am just stupid.

Login to zwift on website or in the Desktop App is not working during high usage hours (like now)

Login to Companion App same, not working via cabled Internet from Deutsche Telekom.

Using a VPN into the company which is using another Provider is working fine. Mobile Internet connection is working fine on my Smartphone.

It seems to be working (even slowly and with disconnects) when not so many zwifters are online.

I am using Hybrid Internet via 4G and VDSL, but no matter I am using only the DSL or the 4G, it is not working.

I tried lots of other DNS Servers, no change.

Internet itself is working like a charm, couldnt be better.