Internet connection problem

I have encountered some problem when I was trying to log in. An error message was shown on my screen like “ fail log in. Please check your internet connection”

I also cannot log in through my iPad when connected to wifi, but I can log in by using mobile data. Is there something wrong with my network ? However I can use wifi to watch YouTube and ask question at here

I have learned that few people experienced same issue in the past like me, but there hasn’t any solution for me. Thank you in advance.

I am encountering the same problem. To me it looks like they have server problems because of the indoor training run due to Corona. I also get server timeouts and cannot even properly login to the dashboard besides.


I have the same problem. Can’ t Log in.

I’m not seeing any issues on Zwift’s end

This could be an issue with you ISP or DNS servers.

You could try restarting your modem and router.

What ISP are you guys using?

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I even have problems with the log in. Companion app also not working.

… also currently no login into zwift app, no login into companion app. Provider is

Same problem here. Login not possible with Zwift app and companion on Android and on Windows when using wifi or lan. Deactivating wifi on phone enables companion login but edge bandwith is not really an option. ISP is 1&1 in germany.

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I am trying this now on four different devices (2 PCs and 2 Mobile Phones) nothing works. On the windows 10 pcs I get either white screens before crashing, no route exists or fail login. The Andoid Mobiles Phone Zwift app crashes after finding the sensors. I bought me a kickr today and this is my first try to use zwift… what a super buggy software is that actually…
ISP Germany Telekom. My speedtest shows 80Mbit up and 80 Mbit down, no messages on the telekom page about any problems in my region and I honestly do not think this is an isp prob.


It is a bit funny that some function like push messages are working in companion app even if the login is not possible. Also, today in the morning there was also no problem. Everything was ok as usual. But to add something more useful: changing DNS servers does not help. (OK, not really useful.)

Not to forget: even a login on the website is not possible. “Waiting for” is the relevant message. It seems that this server is not working properly.

I cannot even reach and other sub pages. This is for sure a server capacity problem. I just hope they have a plan to encounter the even more users that will come in the next days and weeks due to the quarantine that goes into effect around the world.

Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again.

Same here, also Deutsche Telekom.

Please use ping without protocol and just the servers name. Otherwise the mentioned error is always the case.

ping is working here.
ping is not, but i am not sure if this is intended and echo requests are disabled for those servers by configuration.

Changing DNS server from Deutsche Telekom to did help me.

Sadly this changes nothing here.

Same issue here…wifi is not working, mobile data is working…

The issue is with your ISP or your DNS servers.

If possible try different DNS servers like, or

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nwo it’s working again…

Still not able to Login. Reboot the server!