Problem to login Only through Home internet

(Juan Uribe) #1


I founded previous discussions about the error “can t login. Check internet connection” and I have tried everything. I already uninstall zwift, I tried with other laptop and I get the same problem. I downloaded zwift on my iPhone and when I am connected to WiFi I get the same problem. I already called to internet provider and the have restarted the modem to factory settings. I still get this problem. I disabled firewall but it continues with the problem. I ve read to restart laptop to factory settings and Right now I am waiting for my laptop. The curious situation is that when I access from my phone whitout WiFi I can login. Anyone has a clue on this one?

(Paul Allen) #2

Sounds like a DNS issue on your router. Within the routers settings change the DNS to and (these are Google’s DNS servers).

(Juan Uribe) #3

Hello Paul thanks for your quick response. I am not sure if I need to call the internet provider to change DNS settings. I just tried with Linksys app of my router but still the same

(Paul Allen) #4

Did you open a command prompt and type in ipconfig/flushdns

(Juan Uribe) #5

Just tried that one and same situation. Need to add that my internet is working perfect, I can navigate without a problem. Any Idea Paul on what could be happening? Thanks In advance for your help

(Paul Allen) #6

You might need to contact your ISP to see if they are blocking those ports/addresses for some reason.

(Juan Uribe) #7

Thank you! I will call them again! Have a nice day!