Zwift Login - Check internet connection

Hi - i have this problem when logging in to Zwift, it asks me for my password which it never did before, but when i enter it, says Failed to login, Check internet connection.

Theres nothing wrong with my internet connection, using it for many other things.

Im based in south africa, on fibre…any ideas what could be the issue, never experienced this before.


It could be a routing issue or blocked port from your ISP. You could try restarting your router and modem to see if that helps or see if you can login to Zwift using your phone since it will more than likely be a different ISP.

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Thanks Paul - i’ll try that.
I can access it via my phone and tablet, all good their, just on my laptop its an issue, which was never the case before

Then is it probably an issue with your ISP (blocked ports or routing issue).

I’ll check that, on another forum there was a country breakdown to check this and mine seemed fine, but i’ll check again.