Problem with login to Zwift via German Telekom

Seen reports that similar problems occur with gaming platforms Steam, PlayStation network and Nintendo. All sound the same: login via Telekom not possible.


if possible for all with same issue, there is a thread in Telekoms Forum as well, please also write your issue there, hopefully as more issues are reported there as quicker it gets resolved.


Does anyone has similar issue during log in

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Yes same here what is happening???
I missed the cervelo race because of this!

The issue appears to be with your ISP, not Zwift.

I had this same yesterday but after a few attempts situation back to normal…I tried also to reinstall the app on Apple TV but this didn’t solve the issue…additionally I checked on IPad and also not working…
My internet connection is stable …I Tried also via hotspot :confused: this same …

Strange …I checked on 2 different internet provider …ehhh

What internet providers? They could still be using the same backbone and routers.

Two really different?
Telekom and Vodafone?
They are basically the only two different ISP in germany.
Basically every other ISP than vodafone is on the backbone of Deutsche Telekom.

Ok , I double checked and it’s working with Orange…not working with T-Mobile…
I’m from Poland
Thanks for the tip
Cheers Adam

I merged this thread into an ongoing thread for customers using Deutsche Telekom as the landline ISP. Please read through the earlier comments.

@Adam_Koselnik are you using Telekom landline internet or T-Mobile celluar in Poland?

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T-Mobile celluar network

Same issue over here. However I had a change to login to the website a few minutes ago. Two hours ago Telekom landline did not work as the day before :frowning:

Hello I got the same problem with telekom over more then 3 hours now it works put to late for me :frowning: sorry Telekom this is a big fault …

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Ok… just tried it… now it works… even with Telekom

The same problem in the last days… always between 17.00 and 21.00 Uhr. The problem is only by the customers of the german telekom. Help us to solve this problem - otherwise is zwift no option for indoortraining in this strange times.

1 Solution (at least for Zwift users) would be to host zwift services not only in AWS at the West coast. Zwift might think about hosting it for european members in an AWS in Europe. would be worth to think about


Hi Zwifter, did anybody received a info when the situation for Telecom customer will improve ! No training in peak times is possible. Very disappointing situation, now where we really rely on these tools. Stay healthy. oliver

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same here!
its possible to login via mobile data on your phone and then connect back to wifi once youre in Zwift menu.
But the problem repeats at the point of saving your ride.
But this way it was at least possible to take a ride.

vera very frustrating situation :frowning:

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If you have a Freifunk hotspot nearby or you run one by your own, you can use it as workaround.

During the day zwift worked fine again but in the late afternoon it did not work anymore. There seems to be a strong correlation with the increase of backbone internet traffic. I think somebody should ask Cloudfront if they block traffic from the Telekom network above a certain level.