No streets to ride /Login problems

Good afternoon,

I just installed the new update and now i always get an error message on m windows PC. Logged in but no streets to ride. Android is also not able to connect. The status page does not show anything. Network is working and has not been changed for months.

Any ideas? Overload due to too many zwifters in times of Covid19?


Hi @H_KE

I assume you are in Germany. There are internet issues with some German isp’s

Thanks Gerrie,

Yes that’s true. Do you have more information on that? Connection over LTE seems to work.


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Hi Mike,
yes a Telekom issue. Just found the thread a.minute ago. The Telekom thread already has 20 pages or so. But thats Deutsche Telekom. It always takes days to weeks until they move… Time for another provider, i assume.


Me too! I haven’t been able to connect since Thursday. Sadly, I cannot change providers, this is in my office. Is there really NOTHING I can do? WTF?


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i habe the Same issues here. Right now, i don‘t quite understand the problem because all other services work. I can connect to all other services or pages on the internet, just Zwift fails.

There is a huge thread in the telekom forum. In some of the comments somebody tries to explain some details. As i understood it, it is related to increased traffic and unfortunate contracts … But i also don’t understand the sudden change on 25.3. to be honest. You could take a look at

ok, helps to understand the problem, thank you. At least a little bit but in the thread, the discussion is also controversial. Hope that there will be a solution soon, i just want to continue riding.