Telekom and 1&1 customers having login problems [May 2021]

Zwift applies an update to version 1.12.1. (67629) today May 6th. 2021.
Our team members using Apple Ipad and Apple TV report that they can’t log into the game after finishing the update.

Any idea to solve this issue?



Same problem here…cannot log in after the update…I am quite annoyed…wanted to race in 45 min.

I think nobody can login right now.
why is status . zwift . com still green? :face_with_monocle:

It is working if you login in via a VPN - I am connected to a USA server now - and I am in…

@Gerald_Bluesbrauser8 @MAP_Martin_Poettgen @MAP_Martin_Poettgen
Thank you all for flagging this up. We’d like a little more information to figure out why you can’t reach our servers. It is probably not due to the game version.

  • Which country are you in?
  • What internet service provider are you using?
  • Are you using mobile data or landline internet?

Germany, Wifi Thx Various providers

Germany, Telekom, landline…thx!

since the 1.12.1 update of today, i am unable to start the game. Stop after login step with “you are connected but no road are avaiolable. check your internet connection…” I can’t do my today training :frowning:

The 1.12.1 update most likely is not a cause for this error message.

We have a support article with common causes & fixes for this error. Would you go through those steps and see if that resolves it?

Also - what ISP do you use? You may want to check for service outages on their support page in case there are network problems upstream of your house

I’ve checked with colleagues in other support channels, and we are hearing of problems among players who are Telekom and 1&1 customers. Is anyone here using a different internet service provider?

several KC team members using Ipad and Apple TV all over Germany reporting this,. sorry zwifting myselve (usinng Win PC) MAP

Germany, 1&1. Both old and new version work on AppleTV and iPhone. But about an hour ago I didn’t see any events on the companion app.

For those of you who can easily set up a VPN connnection to the US west coast - would you try that and let us know if it does or does not ease the login issues?

We’d like to know either way, thanks.

There is definitely something wrong with the current version (Mac and Windows clients and/or backend). When entering a world for the first time, I am able to see other riders for a while, but then they all disappear. When I’m trying to find my teammates in Companion (whom I was trying to watch/DS in the first place), they appear to be riding in France even though they are actually in Watopia. Fix thist, please.

Thanks as always for your tech savvy reports. I’ve relayed it to our team who’s working on this right now.

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Thanks. Tried it on three different machines and two ISPs (no VPN ready to go), no difference. I can hear everybody just fine on Discord so no connection issues.

Ok, riders no longer disappearing here (the “France” part was my own confusion and actually correct, sorry about that).

Ok, will pull back that symptom from the internal discussion we’re having.
By the way - are you in Germany / a Telekom customer?

I’m currently in Finland, the ISPs I tried were Telia and DNA.