Not able to log into account

It always shows on the screen not able to log in with my contact details…

I’ve also login problems since todays Update on my windows 10 machine. I can login on the first screen and in the second screens which automaticly loaded after the first I get a login error… in this screen I never needs type my data’s before?
On MacOS or iPadOS it works normaly… only windows 10 is broken

-Affected on all Plattforms (PC WIndows 10 Pro/OSX 10.15.4/iPhone 13.4.1/iPad 13.4.1)
-VDSL 50/10 EWETEL (not Telekom) and Cellphone LTE Telekom


Since the last update this morning (1/May/2020) I can’t login on the game (windows 10, Android and MAC OS)

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Meanwhile my other devices are broken too :frowning:

me too :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Here too. Doesn’t work on iPad, iPhone (1.0.49617), MacBook

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Same issue here on Android. v123 - 1.0.49821

Zwift Companion also is a hit or miss - sometimes it says network error, sometimes just does not show anything.


same here :frowning: :rage:

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But I like the nice clean and green look of the status site from zwift :crazy_face:

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All: please vote this issue so it gets the attention of the Zwift support team (I have the same issue)


Yes… good idea. On the top of this thread there is a vote link

same problem here

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same problem here. neither on Windows10, nor on Android, nor on iPadOS …

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please vote the issue up at the top of the page to raise attention at Zwift HQ

doesn’t work, if I click on the vote number, nothing changes, it only shows who voted

than you’ve already voted

ah okay, so I don’t see my vote. Nice. Thanks!

Same issue on Windows 10. However, IOS is not working eighter.

Tried deleting and reinstalling the app on android. Now I am stuck at the login screen with mail/password.

It says: logged in, but here are no roads to ride. Check your internet-connection and try again (translation by me)

Network connection on my side seems fine - can access basically anything except Zwift.


Cannot login after update to 49821.