Unable to login

Hi there. Soory to bother. Everything fine since this afternoon. Running zwift on mac. This afternoon ready to go, I can’t login. The app says to check internetbut internet works just fine. I try to connect via Ipad and via phone(android) It says that there is a problem with my account. Check Zwift.com but everything looks fine.
Any suggestion???

iv got the same problem Mac, iPad and zwift connection app not loading on iphone

It must be a problem with the account. I create a new one just to try and I could get into the app

I have the exact same issue using s MacBook Pro, iPhone X app doesn’t connect either, hope it gets sorted!

Same issue here. Was on Zwift for 4 weeks w/o any problems. Today it says, unable to connect - check you internet… My Internet is fine btw…

I don’t know to be glad that I’m not the only one…it’s one hour that I’m trying…I sent an email to the support

Had the same problem on Apple TV around 14:00 , retried 3 times and got in

But now failing again from PC and Android App. Android companion app fine

WiFi / internet is fine …


Internet is all good here to never had this before the funny thing is I was logged in about one hour before I try to do my workout and It was fine

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I have the same here on my Laptop Restarted Router and pc changed password 2 hours now worked ok yesterday

It appears there is a partial outage for logging in: https://status.zwift.com/

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Same for me …

Nice to know they are aware of the problem…I’m still here ready to ride. Let’s hope…

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Yes, same problem in Luxembourg. I tried everything an I am glad to see that it is not my equipment :wink: I want to do my 3 hour ride. Hopefully they get it up running again.

I am having problems logging in too and have been for the last hour or so.

I’m aware they are looking into the issue.

Hi everybody,

I have the same problem I think. I can connect my account when I start Zwift but when I click on “Let’s Go” the application ask me again my access code and refuse to connect.

If somebody know how I can fix this I’ll be very happy. :no_mouth:

Thanks and excuse my english …:sweat_smile:

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