Login error. check internet connection [September 2023] [SOLVED]

HI looking for some help.
I recently purchased a Zwift hub and 1 years subscription.
I already had a Zwift account. Ever since i activated the years subscription i now get login error, check internet connection.
Zwift support keep going down the internet route but its fine. i can login to my wifes Zwift account off my phone and it works fine.
I can login to zwift off my laptop so all my details are correct and i can see the subscription is active until 26 september 2024.
mega frustrated as i just want to try out my new trainer.

So it’s just the Zwift game app that doesn’t work? Are you running a VPN? Is it a work laptop?

What are you running Zwift on when the login fails? Consider deleting the app and adding it back, or rebooting the device. I realize this is very standard IT advice but it’s pretty common that it fixes some problems.

Its the zwift game app just with my login that doesnt work. Im running it off my android phone. Its definitely an account issue as ive tried it off another phone and an ipad and inget the same message. Yet my wifes zwift acount works on all the same devices

Make sure there’s no extra spaces in your email and password fields. I use a password manager app, and for some reason, it likes to add a blank space behind my email address sometimes, and that will prevent logins.

Barring that - maybe try resetting your password?

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve done all as you suggested and still get the same result. i get the same when i try off another device to (failed to login. Check internet connection).

like i said earlier i can login to my wifes account from my phone and that works fine?

Ive also just noticed if i put my correct login/password details i get the failed login message, but if i purposely put a wrong password i get the (oops.wrong email/password) message

We’ve had some other buyers of the Hub trainer + 1 year plan contact us with similar symptoms.

We are investigating and will update this thread when we have news.

We pushed a server-side fix that should clear the login error.

@Ben_Whitehead1 please give it another try. Would you let us know that everything’s back to normal?

Hi this has worked.

I’m able to login as usual now.

Many thanks for your help