ZwiftPower is Zwift so why is it so poor?

When ZwiftPower got taken over we expected it to get better, with all the resources Zwift could give it, but quickly it seems to fall apart, and huge queues built up in processing results. Then they came up with a miraculous solution and the queues went away… but now the races that determine my position in races and leagues end up not having accurate figures. Why have five of my last six races only got a green tick representing live data ? Was that the solution? Sweep stuff under the carpet and don’t touch it at all?

Are your rides set to private on Zwift or public?

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Hi Mikey - your events listing look pretty typical of people who are having a lot of problems with live vs fit file data. WTRL events seem to exaggerate this.

Best to send an email off to so that you are at least in the queue to be fixed/checked once they find a fix.

Meantime, keep an eye out on this thread:

Public of course

What are you talking about?? Who said ZP would get ANY BETTER when Zwift took over? Haven’t you understood anything? ZP was created because Zwift couldn’t do what the people wanted.

And the decline is total now, in 6 months all the leaderboards on ZP will be trash, the top of the segments over there are already trashed. They will become what Strava leaderboards are now.

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Honestly it’s been really nice not looking at ZP since Zwift strong armed their way into control of it. Also, and sadly, it doesn’t surprise me that so little effort has been invested into the best thing that Zwift racing once had going for it.