Zwift Play Controller connection issues

Unable to steering to the far right during this sprint. I was holding/tapping trying to get my avatar to go right to follow the draft but he didn’t do so. But after the sprint he nose dive over.

Is this being investigated? It’s an issue for me with 1.2/ 1.47, W10

Yes. This should be fixed in the next full version release.

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Hi @Rowdy, tried to calibrate my controllers - Fails at the first step. When I push them left I dont get a vibration as per the instruction.

The firmware update did not fix my problem. The Zwift play controllers disconnect every time I use them, or they connect to my Zwift app on my phone. The advice given is to disconnect all other Bluetooth devices in the area. I don’t feel that a reasonable suggestion. I want to use things like wireless headphones and a wireless keyboard. I should be able to do so and also have my Zwift Play work.

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Don’t want to speak too soon. I’m using latest firmware, game version and Zwift Play disconnects in under a minute every time, disappears from the HUD (except side list), and buzzes intermittently throughout the ride, presumably trying to connect. Both controllers can steer periodically and Y, Z buttons work. But equally there are times when everything is disconnected.

I have been following the threads, attach the controllers to power, delete the BT devices on the PC, and bought a long range dongle.

Lost the ZP connection almost immediately as usual. But went back to the pairing screen, and reconnected. This time it held until the end of the ride. Next session, I wanted a RP ride, so I just went to start a free ride in the same world, steering disconnected as usual, went back to the pairing screen, reconnected, teleported to the RP and held the connection until the end. No idea if this is all just coincidence. But will keep monitoring. It’s the first continuous rides with ZP connected since I bought them and several fw updates.

Latest firmware on my Zwift Play has rendered them unusable. I can’t get them to connect to Zwift on macOS via BT at all anymore. Though they intermittently show up, they never establish a connection with haptic feedback confirmation.
New and disappointingly, if I try connecting them in the companion app before launching the game, they disappear from the companion app when the game map loads in the companion app and and thus I cant even pair them with my phone. I am tired of wasting precious time trying to make the stars align to get this product to work. :-1:

I wish I had seen this earlier. I kept getting my HR zeroed as well. I just bought a new HR strap because I thought mine was busted, though it still worked with my headunit and phone app. I guess I trusted Zwift more than the Viiiiva. How unpleasant of an experience this saga has been.

Want to see anyone else getting disconnect and reconnection with zwift play in 1.47.

@Rowdy Just wanted to follow up - just did the latest update - and the controllers worked without me doing any workarounds - Connected without being “plugged in” all functionality was as expected.

Thanks to the team for getting it sorted :+1:

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Thread title should be updated to include the latest versions. This is ridiculous. I’m pretty close to ending my Zwift subscription, it just seems like a time sink at this point.

Zwift Play Controller connectivity is still not working reliably.

Zwift Game Client: 1.48.0
Zwift Launcher: 1.1.10
Zwift Play Controllers: 1.2.0

Watch what happens for yourself:
youtu .be/ pXRVGk3KVVE

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Morning. I cycled for an hour and a half this morning and my Zwift Play controllers literally disconnected every 30 seconds, a mixture of left and right and sometimes both.

Everything else works faultlessly, so it has to be an issue with the zwift play controllers.

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Hello all, Zwift Play firmware 1.2.1 has started a phased rollout that will address some bluetooth timeout issues. Please update at your convenience (once the new firmware is available to you) and let us know how your connection is afterwards.

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Since yesterday my right play controller will start buzzing after 5~10 min in a event.

Pushing a button wil stop it for a second, but thereafter it starts continuously buzzing.

2 rides in a row

When your right Play controller is continuously buzzing, is your brake light in Zwift any brighter than normal? If so, something may be lightly pressing on your right analog paddle, or you may need to recalibrate.

No the brake isn’t applied. I made sure to check that

If you have haptic feedback enable it buzzes when it connects, if you are getting drop outs it might be buzzing to say it has reconnected and then you lose connection again shortly after and it reconnects again and so on.

Nahh this doesn’t describe my problem.

If this was the case there should somewhere be a (short) pause. But except when a button is pushed it is continuously buzzing. The first time I tried to ignore it, and it was continuously for 5 minutes.

ah okay, yeah that definitely sounds like something else

I just updated my PLAY controllers to 1.2.1 (HW Ver 8) and I am getting disconnects every couple of minutes along with the Haptic buzz as it disconnects and then reconnects. The previous version was really reliable. The one before that did something similar. This is my second set of PLAY controllers as the first was hopelessly broken after the first update. I hoped that this problem would never return. I have tried all of the solutions that have been suggested.

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