Not happy with zwift play

Set up is really straight forward. So far for the pleasant experience.

Pairing the devices are a practically unsurmountable obstacle, even after updating firmware and following all the workarounds.
Connecting through the computer-bluetooth is impossible.
Pairing through my phone as an alternative succeeded once. After one bend on repacks ridge steering was again impossible (connection lost or other issue?).
Reconnecting results in the same issues and when finally succeeded (for the second time, hurah), connection is again last as soon as repack ridge is opened.

Would like to say that steering is a nice bonus for zwifting, but i couldn’t say because it’s quite impossible to get and keep them connected.

whats your setup?

Laptop pc with zwift app
Elite suito connected through ant with pc

Zwift play doesn’t connect through pc-bluetooth.

Android phone with companion app.

Multiple attempts / workarounds to get zwift play connected via the phone / companion app.

When finally connected, the connection gets lots practically immediately.

do you know what version of bluetooth adapter is in the laptop?

No, but it’s a fairly recent laptop.

Even if that would be an issue, that would not explain why it’s that difficult to connect via the phone and why that connection fails as soon as you start to ride.

Kinda had the same problem. Pairing directly on pc didnt work and pairing through phona had tons of hick ups and disconnects.

I bought a cheap usb port bluetooth dongle for my pc, like 12 euros cheap, and paired the play controllers through that and it works great now.

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I’m also having problems. Connecting Swift play Garmin three pedals Swift hub and Polar heart rate monitor, via, Swift companion, or with the latest software and firmware.

The swift play, Connection says connected with ticks in the boxes, but often isn’t.

Today my Swift play buttons, eventually connected. I started my group ride, but found that the power from my V3 pedals, had about 15 second lag.
I exited everything, then restarted Swift play buttons had not connected. Everything was fine with power when I rejoin the ride. However, after about 30 minutes the button is connected on their own and again I had the power lag
Manually, turning the buttons off again, stopped the Power lag
I can only remember this recently starting