Laptop can’t connect to Zwift

Hey guys, first time trying a computer with my kickr. Downloaded normally, comes right up to connect screen, when I choose power source it just keeps searching even though Bluetooth is enabled on my computer. Anything I’m missing? Staring at my tiny phone screen is getting old quickly.

Does the laptop have Bluetooth 4.0 or above? Are you using the ZCA to bridge the signal?

Paul I will check the Bluetooth version, I honestly don’t know. And you’ll have to forgive me I’m not very up to date on these things, what is the ZCA?

Zwift Companion App, you can use it to bridge the Bluetooth signal to the PC.

I have the app on my iPhone as well as a tablet that we have. So I should open it on my phone and then open the app on my computer?

Also, my computer recognizes the kickr and will connect to it, it just won’t connect in the zwift app.

Do not connect the trainer to your PC, it should only connect to the Zwift app, Bluetooth can only connect to one device or app at a time and the PC is preventing it from connecting to Zwift.

Yup, what Paul said, try this,
Leave phone and tablet Zwift programs off.
Verify your PC can ‘see’ the Kickr in the Windows Bluetooth settings page but don’t pair it.
Launch Zwift and do the pairing on the Zwift pairing screen.

Ok so disconnect from the pc, then use the phone. So I f I open zwift on the computer then it will show the ride? I tried that previously with the tablet and all it showed on the tablet was the speed/distance/etc instead of showing the zwift world. Sorry for all the questions, I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong here.

Just disconnect the trainer from everything including the PC, then open Zwift and see if you can pair the trainer within Zwift.

Still nothing. Nothing is paired but the kickr shows up in discoverable devices. When I click connect in the zwift app it just spins forever, the icon says in zwift my Bluetooth receiver is not turned on. But it is turned on in settings, and I checked my pc is Bluetooth 4.0 so it should work correct?

Any other ideas before I call support?

Hi Chris, I had exactly the same problem yesterday. Turns out the kickr needed a firmware update. Didn’t give me the option on Wahoo utilities until I reinstalled it, now it all works. I did have to buy a dongle too to make sure as I think my Bluetooth is an older version.

Thanks Stephen, I uninstalled the app on the computer and reinstalled it as well. It took nearly 30 minutes to update so I was hoping that would do the trick, but it didn’t. I broke down and ordered the dongle too so that should take care of it.