Zwift Play not seen by PC

My Zwift Play is not seen by the PC. I have been using them for months now and just yesterday they were gone. Today I updated the firmware on Android and the ZC sees them just fine. Any suggestions?

Try pairing them with the power charging cords attached, some users have to do this all the time or they get constant drop outs.

Thanks for the suggestion. That is the first thing I did yesterday and again today after doing the firmware update. No luck.

I do agree with the occasional dropout issues if not on power. Power did not help this issue.

Pairing via Companion or directly to Zwift? Some people report better luck pairing via Companion.

I have only ever done within Zwift itself. Never paired using ZC. Not sure I want to go down that road since I use multiple devices for ZC and that alone will likely cause issues.

Might be worth trying to see if it makes them usable, but otherwise you can contact support and see if they send you some new ones or suggest some other solution. Connection problems with Play controllers are quite common.

Hmm. Pairing through phone seemed to do the trick. Is that the way it has always been or did something change? Lol. I don’t recall how I had it setup originally. Thought it was through the computer but then again, that was a few months back. Thanks for suggestion!

I am somewhat perplexed on what is happening to make this connection. The prior post I used my phone, but would prefer my tablet since it is dedicated to this setup. It took a reboot of both devices for the controllers to be seen on the tablet, but in the end, all seems to be ok.

How are these controllers communicating to the PC? Through the phone via Bluetooth, wifi? Or direct? Or by magic?

When you pair using Companion, the device running Companion connects to your trainer/HRM/controllers via Bluetooth and then bridges those connections to the game using WiFi.

Thanks again for the information. I may have done that initially and just forgot because they just worked and never had to mess with the connections.