Zwift Hub Flashing Red Light

Hey all - our engineers have been investigating why some of the returned units did not take the v4.0 firmware update as expected. Thanks for flagging it up to us quickly so we can get to the bottom of things.

I’m crossposting this information to this thread to highlight a few details before updating, and some things to be aware of should an update fail.

Before updating firmware

  1. Verify you’re using the latest version of Zwift Companion. Please check our Latest Version thread , and confirm build numbers on the Google Play Store / Apple App Store
  2. Keep the phone within line of sight of the Hub trainer.
  3. Do NOT let the phone sleep. Be sure your phone is charged fully, or plugged in to AC power.

If you attempt a firmware update and it fails:

  1. Force-close the Companion app and re-open. Rebooting the phone would ensure a clean restart.
  2. Do not press the Forget button in the Companion app.
  3. Do not uninstall and reinstall the Companion app.

If several attempts fail, contact us for next steps.

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