Zwift hub flashing red after firmware update

After done the update of firmware on zwift hub, now the LED is flashing softly red and impossible to get something working
Companion can’t detect it… any idea?

That’s one to contact Zwift support. Not the first time is happened.

After a “successful” firmware upgrade and ride a couple of days ago, i turned on today to get a red flashing led on the hub.
contacted the chat “support”, went through the usual bluetooth suggestions with them.
repeat (still got a flashing red light, not its not blue, cant see hub in companion app…)
… then Kev disappeared …. still unusable flashing red !

After a chat with support, they are sending me a replacement hub . Thank you.

There seems to be a problem with firmware updates.
I remember the days when devices had a small bootstrap programme to initiate booting :wink:

Hello all,

We’re looking into this issue now at HQ. I noticed that the Zwifters reporting this were on an older version of Zwift Companion when the update was applied, so I want to recommend updating to the latest version of ZC before updating your Hub firmware.

It’s possible that using a different mobile device to update firmware or re-attempting the firmware update after updating your Zwift Companion version may address the LED flashing red issue.


Well understood, but since it’s flashing red there is no possibility to detect the hub even with the latest update of companion…

Same here. Wednesday I did the firmware update and then a workout. When the workout was done I ended it and saved it but I noticed it didnt upload to Strava or Training Peaks. Of fthe bike Thursday. Friday time for a workout, turned on the hub and all I got was a dim red blinking LED and it would not connect to either Zwift or ZC. Called and chatted with tech support. Received notice yesterday evening of new hub being sent to me.
The firmware def killed my hub.

i have the same problem, but the support give me no answer,
how can i do. The hub 40 days old, i woud sent back, but no adress and no contact from support, please help me, i work on this problem 10 days and sure 20 hours