Blue and purple flashing LEDs

Yesterday after zwift updated I was having issues getting my hub and click to connect via bluetooth. After trying a million different things from a bunch of different articles the hub and click show up and connect, but when I try riding the resistance is nuts (says I’m pushing 30 watts but feels like 200+) and cadence is way off (pushing at least 80 rpm but showing between 0-20 rpm).

The LEDs on the hub are alternating between blue and purple. I can’t find what that means in the LED explainer articles. Anyone have an idea what this may mean?

Welcome to Forums @Kate_Keller. This is Juan from Zwift. Thanks for sharing your concern on this space. I comprehend how discouraging it is for you to face Bluetooth disruptions. You’ve done a great job by checking out our support articles.

Issues with BLE connections are complex and often difficult to pin down. BLE signal is easy to disrupt, though some causes are far more common than others. I see you’ve already reached out to Zwift Support via email. I’ve gone ahead and emailed you and I’m connecting you to the right Community Support Colleague in Zwift Support to drill down on this.

Take care!

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For anyone reading this in the future, I was in contact with support and what ultimately fixed the issue was deleting pref.xml in addition to knowndevices.xml in the Zwift folder on my PC

Hello I am having this issue on a smaller scale, cadence fluctuations from 90 to 60- 50- 12- 3, and then back up to 90. I have tried the suggested advice with no luck and have been troubleshooting for days at this point. Mine also happened around the same time - Mar 22nd. Any other advice? Thank you

If you deleted the prefs and knowndevices documents in your zwift folder and restarted everything only to have the same issue, you might want to contact zwift for guidance beyond the help articles on the website

Thanks Kate

Hi @Cassy_Wright. This is Juan again. Thanks for share your issue her to get assistance from our community.

I comprehend that a cadence issue can mess up your Zwift experience. I moved toward our support platform and confirmed that you’ve already opened a support ticket. I have sent you an email to connect you with the most appropriate team to provide you with one-on-one assistance.