Zwift Hub doesnt connect via BT to iPad

I got my Zwift Hub (ZH) in late november 2022. It’s been working fine for 5 weeks now. But last Friday, 6th January during a ride, had been zwifting for 1,5 hr when I suddenly lost all power, cadence and speed. So I ended the ride. Shut down Zwift app and tried to connect again to Zwift. But now the LED-lights on the ZH flashing red and I couldnt connect the ZH to Zwift.

I disconnected the ZH, I re-installed the Companion app.
Tried all the troubleshooting regarding bluetooth devices/connections. Location service enabled etc etc Contacted the support who asked to do all the measures I,ve already had tested. But no solution…

When I try to pair the Hub in Zwift, the LED lights isnt solid blue. They are flashing purple and only solid blue for 1-2 seconds. The Weird thing is how the Hub, that worked perfect for 5 weeks, suddenly cant connect properly via BT to Zwift? Signal is weak (purple flash) and when I did test rides in Zwift, I cant get over 200 watts , even though I push like crazy. 55 - 140 watts was more common.
The Hub isnt paired with any other devices and has the latest firmware…

Try testing with a second device - like your phone. If the connection is solid there then something has happened with bluetooth and the iPad. If other devices fail to hold a solid blue then I would think something wrong with the hub’s bluetooth. I also use an app like LightBlue to check for BT signals and strengths.

Thx for replaying Michael. I’ve tried to connect the Hub to my iPad, mobile phone (Android) and my laptop (PC). Same result for all 3 devices. The LED lights flashing purple when connected to Zwift app. The power output is really poor despite high cadence. :frowning:

Have you contacted Zwift support yet? Sounds like you might have a bad unit?

As I understand it the purple light means its a poor connection. Unless something else is interfering with the signal it sounds like the unit has develop an issue. For grins you could try taking it to a different location (just the hub) and trying the connection. If its solid blue in the new location then would suggest something in its original location is causing interference. Given it just happened mid ride it doesn’t sound good. :frowning:

Well, it sure is strange that the Hub after 5 weeks suddenly can’t connect with solid blue lights to Zwift. I’ve been using the same gear and devices the hole 5 w period. And same location for the Hub. Gear: iPad for Zwift, Garmin hrm and mobile phone for running Companion during rides.

Thanks for the input on the troubleshooting! :blush: In fact yesterday, I tried to change location and moved the Hub upstairs in the house. But no difference with the bluetooth connection. Still flashing purple when trying to pair the Hub with Zwift app. Have even turned off all other bluetooth devices nearby to prevent any interference. I’m thinking like you that the internal bluetooth device in the Hub, has of some unknown reason broken down. Coz it now longer works properly. But hey I’m no expert.

I asked a Zwift expert today and he first thought that it was interference problems with other bluetooth devices.
I wonder if it’s possible that the problem was the internal bluetooth device… Perhaps poor quality?

The expert then came to the conclusion:

Expert - 2023-01-09T10:15:14Z - Kev H

I believe the only way is to organise a return/exchange. I can’t do this for you unfortunately, so I will escalate this to the Zwift customer support team. They will contact you via email. Thank you for your patience.

So status now is that I 'm waiting for a response weather Zwift will send me a replacement.

Hi! Yeah I contacted the Zwift support first time on 6th jan, right after the “powerdrop ride”. Got an automated answer. Then it took about 24 hr before i got a response from a living person. I replied instantly but now answer from the support in 48 hr. So I started to chat with an Expert. He couldn’t solve my issues with the bluetooth connection. So he would take my case to the next level - Support specialist.

Got an email this afternoon from the specialist, who wrote: “After reviewing this, I’m going to escalate your case to the team best suited to assist you. Once they’ve had a chance to review our conversation, they’ll respond as soon as they can. We appreciate your patience!”

Well guess this will take some time for Zwift to decide if I’ll get a replacement…?

I think that’s all it can be at this point. Though even something like a dodgy power supply could cause weird issues too. Could check that with a voltmeter.

Though sounds like easier to just get it replaced. Keep on top of your ticket to make sure the process moves quickly! :wink: