Bluetooth connection failure

hello everybody,
I just bought a Zwift Hub One on 3/11/23 and I can’t use it with the Zwift application …
I have the bluetooth connections displayed normally on the mac home screen on startup and the blue led lights up fixed on the home trainer.
As soon as I start pedaling, the hub’s LED flashes alternately in red, blue and green, but my Mac’s screen doesn’t display the cadence or power, and my avatar doesn’t move.
I have no pedaling resistance … … However, I can display my heart rate with my Garmin bluetooth belt and the Zwift Click … I’ve updated the firmware for the Hub and the Zwift Click. I’ve also tried ANT mode with a Garmin key, it’s recognized but I’m having the same problems! Could the Hub hardware be faulty? Just so you know, I also use a Tacx Neo, which connects and works without a hitch. Please help me to solve this problem.
Best regards.

I used a ant + with an adapter to iPhone through companion app on to get extra blue tooth works great
I connected zwift trainer, steering,hub speed gear controler Apple watch heart rate monitor
All work ok speed and cadence sensors shows up 6 things confected at top of screen
I also have Apple TV