No signal and not solid red

I think i have tried everything. Nothing seems to work.
Setup, MacBookPRO 2023, Zwift Hub one, Zwift Swticher and a WahooTickre BLE heartrate monitor. Latest firmware, latest app versions. 500mbit stable wifi, and using etherner for the mac.
Im using the Zwift app on the mac and the ZC on the IPhone. Phone bluetooth turned off.

Disconnected all Bluetooth units just to make sure, never been paired with any other unit. Since its all new. Running my wifi on 5 ghz jsut to make sure. No equipment close, no fans, nothing.
First couple of days it worked. Then the connection started to drop more and more frequently and now i cant even pait it. Tried to do it with the Iphone as a bridge, it does not work. Re-installed all apps, it did not help. Now i have no clue what to do next, im running out of options. Any ideas?

Contact support. Either they help you fix it or send you a trainer.

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I have been in contact. The Community support person could not help me and he has now forwarded my case to swift support. Still no reply, waiting for about 20h on a response from Zwift offical support. I have narrowed down the issue, im using a bluetooth scanner acc on my iPhone and the swift hub comes up momentarity, and then dies off after exactly 10-20 seconds. It probably a faulty unit, there is no other expanation. Its not connecting to any other biking app, phone, apple tv, nothing. its basically a unit that is not working. Hope the will send me a replacement unit.