A (very) pissed user

Hi Zwift,

If I had the same trust level in my car as in Zwift, I’d start it at 4am and check on it every 30 minutes to ensure I’ll be fine leaving to work by 7am.
There isn’t a week without having an issue with Zwift: heart rate not syncing, Training Peaks workouts not listed, ERG mode not kicking-in, cadence value dropping out completely, and so on. It couldn’t be more frustrating. Of course, you need to wait all the way for a ride to start to figure out there’s an issue, re-start the whole thing and wait for a new ride to load every time.

I couldn’t care less if my jersey (that no one will ever pay attention to) is gold, orange or yellow, couldn’t care less about which bike I’m riding or which route I’m on. The one thing I pay USD 15.99 for (and on that topic, you’ve never failed at debiting my account, well done) is having a tool I trust to do my workouts and hence gain time and efficiency versus an outdoor ride. From my perspective, you are completely failing at both.

Please do not waste my monthly USD 15,99 on adding new socks colours and get your priorities right and your platform to work. I don’t look out for fancy wheels for my car if the battery is dead.


Hi @Guillaume_Dufduf

Welcome to the forum.

What system are you using to zwift?

Some of your problems sound like you have some interference between Zwift and your sensors.

I wholeheartedly agree with Guillame’s sentiments. This has just started occurring on my system. I have a Cyclo-ops trainer with remote wireless link to a smart 4G LG TV and apple TV accessory. I have my cellphone on with the Zwift companion app open also. After a short time, the system stops sensing and the avatar stops. You have to restart the ride and it works for a short period before stopping again. Heretofore this was not an issue. What is going on?

Additional irritation is I cannot give ride-ons to bikers with the apple set up. Why is that?