Tour de Zwift issue?

Hi all - I did a search but no luck, so posting a topic.

I just finished Stage 1 Tour de Zwift. I attempted last night but the route data did not seem to be synced between the game and my trainer (Tacx Flux 2 on Apple TV). Last night I fought issues such as my trainer increasing resistance on downhills and randomly on 0% inclines. Conversely, uphills were easy. I attempted to reconnect my trainer and then there was no signal and I could not connect no matter what I tried, so I gave up.

I just did it again this morning (6 Jan), and experienced another problem. This time it was as if I was in ERG mode the entire ride. I did the Greater London Loop so it is relatively flat but there were some 1-4% inclines and I did not feel them at all. It was as if I was doing a workout from one of my plans I am currently on (Build Me Up) in that the trainer just kept adjusting to accept my 90-95 RPM cadence. Instead of trying to go into settings and mess around I just did the ride so it would complete as I did not want to have to cancel again, and I still obviously got a workout from it…so whatever I guess.

Is anyone familiar with these issues I am facing? I have seen that TDZ is experiencing some bugs and glitches, so I am curious to see if this is one of them and if anyone else has experienced it and/or knows how to correct.

Thanks in advance for any help.

@Joseph_Boates there was an update for Apple TV today to address some bluetooth concerns, perhaps that will fix it for you.


Weird ERG issues may be related to the trainer pairing its Bluetooth signal to a device other than the computer you’re using to run the Zwift game app. I experienced this with my Saris H3.

What solved it for me is uninstalling the Garmin Connect from my smartphone. Apparently, my trainer was bonding to the Connect app and interfering with the Zwift app on my laptop.

To be clear: I’m not trying to paint Garmin as the bad guy here. Any number of fitness-related apps might also do something similar.

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Bonjour, J ai fait une sortie et j ai eu le même problème, à savoir j ai fait l’ensemble du parcours sur la cadence de pédalage avec la même vitesse malgré des pentes à 15%. Lorsque je descendais, la force était plus forte alors que sinon aucun ressenti.
Je n’arrive pas à comprendre pourquoi cela ne marche pas. Est il possible de faire un reset de mon HT Elite Suito ou est ce autre chose ?
Joseph, avez vous essayé de désinstaller garmin connect de votre tél et est ce que cele à fonctionné ?
Merci pour votre aide.

Makes sense - I had just done a calibration with my Tacx Utility App before the ride since Zwift calibration always gets stuck. I will keep that in mind. I did make sure my app was completely closed for the ride today though so maybe it was something else.

Steph - no I didn’t try that yet. I will look into it though as I troubleshoot. Both you and Shuji mentioned Garmin Connect App which would never have come to me. I will work my way to it although, if anything, I expect it has to do with the calibration I did right before my first attempt at the ride. I will also try some more free-riding (as in not a TDZ ride or workout plan) and see if it handles normally. At this time I wouldn’t put it past lag or glitch issues with TDZ given some of the things I have read.

Not sure if the Tacx utility app stays active while it’s backgrounded, but apparently the Garmin Connect app does. So the surest way to test this as a possible cause is to uninstall it and reinstall only when you need to calibrate.

Interesting thought - thanks for that!