Zwift Companion activity not syncing to Apple Health

But then my rings don’t match up? It’s off by more than 200. How is this even possible?

It’s likely either a priority order issue or Zwift has the same bug as Garmin Connect. You can try making Companion your highest ranked data source.

Also, it’s possible for an app to provide “Total Active Energy” without corresponding Sample data, which appears to be what breaks contributing to the ring. That’s discussed in the DC Rainmaker article and is quoted here.

Strava have now reenabled the sync feature:


Result :+1:t2:


It would be great if Zwift took this as an initiative to link your activities which appear in the companion app on iOS and sync that data to apple health correctly.


Yep, can confirm this is working again from Strava. Pleased they U-turned but there is an opportunity still for zwift to improve on this since you still don’t get heart rate details (avg, the graph) through from Strava, just the active and total cals.

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I see this has still not been solved. It is very frustrating to pay for a premium service that doesn’t do a basic function like sync with Apple Heatlh.


Bumping this - I’m perplexed at the lack of integration, this is an integral feature for anyone who uses Apple as their health hub.

Why has the companion app stopped syncing to Apple Health when reportedly this used to work?

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Updating in a new post as I’m unable to edit my previous post.

I spoke with Zwift support who confirmed that there is no direct link into Apple Health, however after playing around a bit I found that if I used the Apple Watch companion app in addition to the iPhone companion app, it did write the data into Apple Health.

Furthermore, after doing this once it has written the data every time since even when I’m not using the companion app.

Steps as follows:

  1. Load Zwift on your selected device
  2. Open the companion app on your mobile device
  3. Open the companion app on your Apple Watch
  4. Select the Apple Watch as your HRM
  5. Accept the Apple Health permissions on your mobile device
  6. Ride away
  7. Complete your workout and the workout will be recorded into Apple Health.

After that initial setup, I believe you can return to using your HRM of choice, although this does not provide the full HR data in the Apple Fitness workout. One workaround could be to pair your HRM strap to the Apple Watch and then use the Apple Watch as the HRM in Zwift.

Alternatively, the HealthFit app works really well as others have already reported. It costs about 4 quid and there’s no subscription fee. You do have to manually import the .FIT files but it works and supplies full HR details.

Hopefully this is useful to someone.

As others have reported, this is just an amazing lack of support (this issue seems to be unsolved since April 2020?!) on what seems to be the main activity hub for most Zwift users.
Although I do appreciate the troubleshooting and workaround suggestions by other users, I am not willing to follow any connect xyz sequences (which sometimes work, sometimes not) for a premium app. This is just too frustrating…

Since I am new to this, have you guys tried any of the other apps as an alternative (Rouvy, Fulgaz etc)?

Sounds like I have the same issue with Zwift Companion App and Apple Fitness.
I start my Zwift ride on the iPad and also the Companion App. When I finish the ride IS recorded in Apple Fitness as an Indoor Cycle and if you go into the Workout it says my workout time was about an hour and I used about 1400kJ. Also my Exercise Ring in Apple Fitness is increased to reflect the ride BUT the Move ring is the problem. It hasn’t been updated! From memory something seems to eventually get added but not the full recorded kJ for the Workout???
Why is this happening? Any workarounds?
Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I found the solution after many try and errors.

@Alan_Hill You cannot use any other Heart Rate Monitor except of the Apple Watch, while running Zwift on the iPad and Zwift Companion on your iPhone. You MUST have an Apple Watch when using the iPad as Zwift device.

The full details on what to select, when, is covered in my blog which is linked on my profile. Just click on my name here.

I am having the same issue. It appears that there are bugs with some accounts which Zwift needs to addrress.