Add Zwift Companion App To Cycling Distance Tracking in Health

Currently, Zwift can write to the Health App’s Cycling Distance data. Companion App does not. Please add the ability to have Companion App write to Cycling Distance. Thanks.


What data could the companion app write that the main app can’t?


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The companion app does not write data to anything. The main Zwift app does the data transfer to Strava and Garmin.

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Yes it does. Companion App writes to the Health App. However, it does not include Cycling Distance data. That’s what this request is for.

Companion a App writes to Health. However, it doesn’t write to the Cycling Distance. If you use Apple TV and the Companion App, Zwift App isn’t used to write data. Only Companion App is used to write data. However, it is not writing to Cycling Distance.

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It seem like you can link Apple to Strava.

i think Strava and Apple have made some changes, I saw some news about this a few days ago. (I don’t have apple devices to test)

see this link.

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Yes you can link Strava to Apple Health which did work as a means to write cycling distance, though recent changes with Strava now omit internal cycling (i.e. Zwift) when writing to Health.

As such, we now have to find other means to have that data written. Companion works great, though doesn’t write cycling distance which several use to track cumulative miles as opposed to 3rd party apps like Strava.

Isn’t Apple Health also a 3rd party app?

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I’ll defer back to my original feature request. Can Zwift please turn on the ability to transfer Cycling Distance from the Companion App to Health App much like how the Zwift App does? Thanks.

+1 from me also. Now I can’t synchronise my rides any more, but runs do still synchronise from the Companion app. If it can work for runs, surely it can work for rides too :cry:

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+1 My iPhone 7 does not give me any options to sync from Companion to HealthKit. Really need this feature to work now that Strava no longer syncs it for me.

@Mark_Osterkamp Mark I am missing something here. In the Zwift app where do you find the link to the health app. I only see these.

I’ve ended up using RunGap to synchronise from Zwift to Health. You have to buy a Swag Bag at 2.99 for 3 months or 7.99 for a year to sync with Health, but it does work.

It’s within the Health App on the iPhone. It’s a “Source”. When you install the Companion App, it asks for approval to write data to Health. It does that in my case but does NOT write the Cycling Distance data. The Zwift App on the iPhone goes through the same process. However it DOES write Cycling Distance to the Health App.

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Please see this somewhat lengthy article on our support hub Toward the bottom, there’s a section called Apple Health and Zwift best practices.

It notes: in Apple® Health, “Cycling Distance” will come up as “Workouts” due to limitations on what we can deliver to the Apple® Health app. I’m not an Apple user, so I hope this make sense to you.

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Thanks for the response. The only comment I’ll make is that Zwift is indeed writing cycling distance data. See my screen shot above. Further, when looking at Cycling Distance in the Health App, I see Zwift rides in it. That was when I was using my iPhone and Zwift to ride. Now that I am using Apple TV and companion app, it doesn’t, as Companion App isn’t listed.

Seems to me that of Zwift can write to it, so fan Companion App.

Cycling distance should be written both to “Workouts” AND “Cycling Distance” data fields. I can list a half dozen other products which are doing this now. People use this to see cumulative distance ridden daily, weekly, monthly or yearly in a couple taps right within Apple Health. Not having this feature in place means people need to also write their Zwift data to 3rd party products like Strava if they want to see data summarized in this manner.

To be fair, this has never worked with Zwift (although I wish it did), so I always used Strava to ‘proxy’ that information into the distance field. I’m more annoyed that Strava have turned off yet another feature

I raised a ticket with Strava and got the following reply. Of particular interest is the paragraph…

Calories and “Closing Rings”

Our team is aware that some athletes are observing a behavior where their activities are not counting towards their move or activity goal. We are working on resolving this issue and we appreciate your continued patience.

We’re hoping to address a number of these issues with version 139 in the next few weeks.

This is the issue I’m having. They’ve just updated to 138, so hopefully 139 isn’t too far away.

Yes it has.