iOS Companion App should have same HealthKit integration as the Zwift App

I use the iOS Companion App in conjunction with the AppleTV to do my Zwift Training. I absolutely love it!

However, I am struggling to get the data from my rides to my Apple Health, which acts as the hub for integration with a host of other health and training related apps. Right now I am forced to use the crap program Strava to send my Zwift data to Apple Health. The reason I say crap is that the majority of the data is kept in Strava and not sent to Apple Health. E.g. HeartRate data.

The iOS Zwift App is perfectly capable of sending the required data from a workout to Apple Health and it would be awesome if those features could be programmed into the iOS Companion App.

I’m having the same issue. I read somewhere that the Companion App should have settings available in Apple health (source), however, I don’t have any. When I go to the Apple health on my iPhone I see the companion app as a source but there are no settings inside, just an option to view data (which is empty).

I am not quite sure how it happened but it kind of works now. Only issue is the active energy is not saved - it is displayed in the individual workout but not stored in the active energy category as other workout apps do it.