Apple Health Data Sync

Okay, simplified question.

Does anyone have a way to sync full Zwift ride data to Apple Health without using the Companion app and Apple Watch “integration.”

Diplomatically speaking - let’s pretend I don’t have a an Apple Watch and must use another HR reader.

Has anyone found a reliable way to accomplish this? Other topics weave themselves into complicated means of getting the Companion app and Apple Watch to work each time they ride, but I’m just not willing to do that anymore for a paid service.

((Official stance from Zwift via moderator would be awesome BTW))

Not sure if I completely understand your question but I link my Zwift to my Strava so that Zwift data is automatically uploaded to my Strava then my Apple Health grabs it from Strava.

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To be more specific I am seeking a way to get all measurements Zwift captures to into Apple Health.

I was using the Companion app but it is a mess to work with, really unreliable where my Tickr Fit is rock solid. If you don’t use the watch, nothing goes to Health.

Thanks for the info, I was under the impression that Strava stopped sharing out data to Apple Health when that data comes from a third party like Zwift. Good to know that is still working for you - will give it a try.

Just tried TrainingPeaks similarly and it did not share Zwift data back to Apple Health so this is the last shot before I switch over and try FulGaz.