Pushing Mac OS Zwift rides to Apple Health?

This is probably obvious and I’m missing something.

Today’s Zwift ride was on Mac OS with all my gear connected over ANT+, including my Wahoo TICKR. No companion app.

After the ride, Zwift pushed to Strava but I have nothing in Apple Health. The Zwift Companion app shows the ride but I don’t know how to force it to sync.

I’m mostly sad because if it’s not in Apple Health, did it really happen?

I don’t think there is a solution for this yet. I have been using Zwift on my iPad without using the companion app and with a Polar heart rate monitor and have never been able to get it to sync with Apple Health. The only times I’ve been successful is when I use an Apple Watch and the companion app (although the heart rate data is wrong, the average heart rate that shows in the companion app is widely different to what appears in apple health).

It is absurd that this is still the case. I have developed apps with Apple Health Kit integration and I can tell you it is not that hard to make it work.


I’ve taken to using my MacOS laptop + iPhone companion app to record the ride BUT I also start an “indoor cycle” workout on my Watch to capture HR correctly.