Zwift Companion activity not syncing to Apple Health

Hi, I have been using Zwift for a few weeks now on Apple TV with the iOS companion app and all has been working well. However, today I did a workout and it has not synced across to my Apple Health app. All has previously been working fine and all the categories in the Apple health app are enable to read and write data.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Are you also using the Apple Watch, by any chance? We have a support article that covers the watch and Apple Health. It’s a bit lengthy - please scroll all the way through to the bottom.

I have the same problem. Zwift companion does not register with Apple Health as a data source and therefore I never see any data from Zwift companion in Apple Health (Zwift companion version 3.12.1 (1021)

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Does your Companion App actually save “Active Energy” because mine does not although the active energy is displayed under the workout that the Companion App saves. In effect it means that the workout exercise minutes are counted…but not the move calories for the move ring…

Same issue here. Using the full Zwift app on the iPhone (running iOS 13.4) works seamlessly with Apple Health but when I use the Zwift Companion (ZC) app (v3.13) as a bridge on the iPhone and a MacBook as the primary Zwift app it falls apart. The ride is registered as an activity in Apple Health and the exercise minutes count towards the Health Rings but no Calories or Heart Rate data synced across from ZC to Apple Health. As per attached photos all permissions accepted for “Companion”, ride time shows up but move ring does read data (though Total Calories recorded numerically) and HR data (using BT chest heart rate monitor) not imported. I suspect requires an update to the ZC app but if I’m missing a trick please advise.


Hi Andy
Did you ever get this resolved? I am having exactly the same issue
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It seems to get the Apple Workout App to register the Active Calories you must use the Apple Watch as the HR source. I paired the BT chest strap heart rate monitor to the watch and then selected the watch as the source before starting a ride. If you use the heart rate monitor as the primary source from within the Zwift App on the computer the Active Calories are not recorded by the Apple Workout App though all the other data is (Exercise minutes & duration). I prefer the BT monitor as it’s more reliable than the watch’s built in HR monitor which drops out frequently during a ride.

What seems really strange as the screen shot in my first post shows is that the Workout App can read the Active Calories data from the Zwift Companion App but cannot write this data to the Health App and therefore contribute to your ring data. This is despite all data sources from Zwift Companion being selected for the Health App. As previously mentioned everything works fine, including Active Calories when using a BT Heart Rate monitor, if using the Zwift app on the iPhone instead of the computer as the primary device.

Thanks Andy
Yes my situation was similar, and the outcome exactly the same the data is there but not pushed into the heath app ring… I was using a Garmin HRM, will drop that out the equation and see what happens off my watch.

Out of interest have you ever ridden without your watch on to see if its a conflict of both devices?

i found i was getting many more km logged from my workouts on my apple health app
looking at the source data, at each workout change, logged as a split time, instead of the split distance, the total distance up to that point was logged, then the next the distance up to tha5mpoint etc. The health app was adding all these together.

Hi Ben, thank you for your response. Yes, I use the Strava as a work-around. My point is WHY has Zwift not implemented direct communication with the Health app. Everyone I know uses Zwift with Apple devices.


I’m having the same problem. In fact, it used to work, but then the Companion app. stopped adding data to Apple Health back in April, around the time this bug was reported. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app., and I don’t even have the options to permit it access to Health. Did Zwift take this feature away? If so, why? It’s obvious we’d want our rides added to Health.