Zwift Companion and Apple Health Kit

(Brad) #1

Customer service is the WORST! I am hoping someone who knows what they are talking about will read this. The Zwift companion with Apple TV and Apple Watch WILL NOT SYNC WITH APPLE HEALTH. They have en error in coding which doesn’t request it through zwift companion. I’ve spend an entire week emailing back and fourth and I get a different person each time. Not one of them knows what they are talking about and their solution was to use a different app while riding with Zwift. BS! I’ve sent them screen shot after screen shot and they don’t know anything. Zwift-Companion does not write to Apple health Active energy and does not request the ability to write cycling miles. So when I use it with Apple TV Zwift it is not adding it to my Apple health. Can someone get a code writer to read this!!! It is so easy to fix!!

(Mark) #2

Brad, try going to the “Health” App on your iPhone. Tap “Sources” at the bottom and touch Companion”. See if all nine options are green (On).

(Dave) #3

I have the same problem and am trying for a week now to solve it. After switching to a new phone Zwift Companion is no longer listed under sources in apple health. And there is NO way to force Zwift Companion to ask permission again. All I want is a butten to reconnect companion to Apple Health again. Other apps like Strava have this option. And it is really annoying!! Tried reinstalling Zwift Companion many times and even full reset of the phone.

(Dan) #4

Mine has no options in the sources. Only Data.

(Brad) #5

I appreciate the replies! Yes I was able to connect Companion app to Apple health. It is all checked yes allowed. The problem is the companion app doesn’t even try to write to Cycling distance.
So if you look at the Companion “Data” the ride is there. If you go to Cycling Distsnce Companion app isn’t there. … not just isn’t turned on. I mean not there at all. They forgot to allow for it to write or something. Because if you go to “Active Energy” Companion app is there, BUT it doesn’t write the data because again they have a coding error I believe. I got very frustrated with the email support, and they said they have raised it to higher people. But I have not heard back. Any of you from zwift Support? Or just users such as myself. (And yes I’ve spent 2 weeks on this matter, so I feel your pain Dave)